Card test of poker in dominoqq

So our first tip about dominoqq is that after the boss deposits and the chip has entered the account. Do not immediately hit fist and aggressively but play first on the table – a small table to test our luck today and see whether the card distribution on this day is good or not. If a good card can continue playing at a bigger table if it’s not better, give a little pause before playing again. This is done to find out the winning percentage of our account today. Then what if our account isn’t hockey today?

Multi Accounts at dominoqq:                         

The next way to find out the win / winrate percentage of our account is that you need 1 more account. So we don’t just play and stick to that one account. How to make it is also quite easy, you only need to register your account again with an account number that is different from the previous one (it cannot be duplicated) because PKV Games online websites limit only 1 account number per account on their site. If it is finished, what we will do here is again to do the first step, namely to test the card with another account. You can try playing on the table – a small table and see whether the card distribution for your account at dominoqq today is good or not.

This new account will be even better if it is tested on another level, for example, if you already played with a computer before you were friends. Now play using HP or another gadget. Why? the reason is to change the IP address on your device and your account so that it is not marked by the PKV Games system. If you know how to change the IP on your device, then please continue playing with the same device.

It’s hard to write, but this is the third way you can go to find your account’s winning percentage. If the first and second methods above are negative. Then you can try using this third method. The way is almost the same difference is that you play on another site. You can test some of your friends’ accounts on other sites. Most likely the favorite sites where friends play are not hockey today.

By just typing a few words in the search engine, you can already get so many famous online poker gambling sites, you can also play several reference online gambling sites from the DaftarKiu team in this blog about dominoqq.